Master of Philosophy in
Atmospheric Environmental Science (MPhil in AES)

Starting from 1 September 2018, this MPhil Program will be migrated to and managed by
the Division of Environment and Sustainability.


The MPhil program aims to train students to conduct independent research in atmospheric environmental science. A candidate for an MPhil degree is expected to demostrate knowledge in the discipline, as well as to synthesize new knowledge and make contributions to the field.


Details about postgraduate admissions can be found at Office of Postgraduate Studies, HKUST

Program Requirements

Students must fulfill these requirements:
  • Completion of at least 6 credits of coursework, including:
    • 3 credits from the course list;
    • 3 credits of approved PG course endorsed by the Program Director;
  • Completion of and passing PDEV 6770 Professional Development for Research Postgraduate Students:
    • The 1 credit earned from this course cannot be counted toward the credit requirements;
  • Completion of and passing LANG 5010 Postgraduate English for Science Studies, which should be taken in te first year of study:
    • The 1 credit earned from this course cannot be counted toward the credit requirements;
  • Taking and passing ENVS 6011 Postgraduate Seminar whenever it is offered:
    • A maximum of 2 credits to be earned from this course;
  • Registration in ENVS 6990 MPhil These Research; and
  • Presentation and oral defense of the MPhil thesis.

Course List

CHEM 5410 Atmospheric Chemistry
ENVS 6012 Special Topics in Environmental Science
EVSM 6070 Environmental Impact Assessment
MATH 5311 Advanced Numerical Methods I
MATH 5350 Computational Fluid Dynamics of Inviscid Flows
MATH 5351 Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering I
MATH 5460* Time Series Analysis
MECH 5210 Fluid Dynamics
PHYS 5110 Mathematical Methods in Physics
*This course may be replaced by ISOM 5530 Multivariate Data Analysis.